Enrollment FAQ

If you have a question not featured here, please send me an email at kpjohns @ uw.edu.

Q: Three questions with the same answer

  • How do I join the waitlist for ESM 254?
  • How do I receive an add code for ESM 254?
  • Will enrollment increase for this course?

Please contact academics @ bren.ucsb.edu, let them know your situation, and they will provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Q: I do not meet the pre-requisites for ESM 254. Can I join the waitlist for ESM 254?

Please email me at kpjohns @ uw.edu with answers to the following so I can better assess if the course I’ve designed helps you reach your academic goals:

Briefly, what are your academic goals and how can a quantitative fisheries science course help you reach them? No essay required, brief bullet points are fine. Help me see the snapshot.

Pre-reqs and anticipated overlap with ESM 254 SPR 23:

ESM 201: Ecology of Managed Ecosystems

Please briefly describe any previous academic/hands-on experience with the concepts of reproduction, sources of (non-fishing) mortality, and growth of marine species (and biotic factors that affect these).

ESM 202: Environmental Biogeochemistry & ESM 203: Earth System Science

Similar to above, but this time, please briefly describe any previous academic/hands-on experience with the concepts of abiotic factors that affect reproduction, natural mortality, and growth?

Q: Can I audit this class?

Here are a few things I consider when answering this question:

  1. If there are enough physical open seats in the classroom, then yes. I aim to keep the room at a comfortable and safe capacity.

  2. Does a reduced accountability structure match your learning style?

The format of the course will be a flipped classroom lecture with hands-on active learning assignments during our face-to-face class time. Students who audited with me in this course format have shared that the change in accountability for them makes the in-class discussion and activities challenging. However, everyone learns in different ways, so I cannot make this particular decision for you. I will answer any follow up questions, though!

Q: Can I attend this class remotely?

TLDR; Probably not?

At this time (15 February 2023), I am not familiar with the AV equipment available in my assigned classroom for ESM 254. Even if the classroom is equipped with Zoom friendly tech, the format of the in-person components of this course were not designed for a synchronous hybrid modality (See Part 2 of the answer to question above). It has been my experience that students who join via Zoom have a minimal (to none) interactive environment when I try to run a hybrid model at this scale.