March 2023 Goals

monthly goals
daily snapshots

Kristin Privitera-Johnson


February 27, 2023

Monthly Goals

  • Review the following sections of the Punt Student reading list:
    • Stock Assessment
    • Ecology and Ecosystems (compare to TEE quals reading list)
    • Fisheries Management and Policy
  • Prepare the final draft of the Proposal Presentation for my General Exam
  • Run simulations for Ch. 1 natural mortality experiment using the status quo HCR and the phase-in HCR

Daily Snapshots

14 - 16 March 2023

  • a marathon of slide deck building, season 5 of Queer Eye, reading papers, and receiving great mentorship
  • I passed my General Exam!
  • I’m going to take Spring Break off

13 March 2023

  • finished Ch. 1 section of final draft slide deck
  • produced best available plots from Ch. 1 for slide deck
  • skimmed wiedenmann et al. paper and make checklist for Ch. 2 plots
  • started final draft of Ch. 2 section of slide deck

11 March 2023

  • drafted final prioritization list for exam prep

8 March 2023

  • final draft of proposal presentation for General Exam
    • Chapter 1 components filled in (50%)

7 March 2023

  • started building the final draft of proposal presentation for General Exam
    • new outline produced
    • introduction components filled in

1 March - 6 March 2023

  • some pretty serious burn out
  • watched Ian Stewart’s NOAA Monster Jam seminar about the use of ensemble modelling at IPHC for Ch. 3